Spray Painting House Vs. Brush Painting

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Painting a house is a massive undertaking. There are many factors that one must consider before applying that first coat. You must research paint type and ensure that it can stand up to the elements that it will have to endure in your area. One of the most important decisions that you must make is how to apply the paint. Brush painting and spray painting are two popular methods for painting. Each method offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Some experienced painters swear by brush painting, while others contend that spray painting is the best method. Let us discuss which is the best method for you.
Young man painting home window with a paint brush

Brush Painting


Sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing things is the best route to take. Brush painting gives the painter more control than any other technique. It is virtually the only way to paint around obstacles.

Eliminates Waste

The brush painting method allows for optimal paint adhesion. This leads to less wasted paint because more of it is on the wall. This is in stark contrast to the spray paint method in which much paint is lost in the hose line or as over-spray.

Even Coverage

There is no better way to get a smooth, even coat than with an old fashioned paint brush. There is a definite quality to brush painting that can not be obtained by any other method.

Spray Painting

Brush painting has its advantages but it also has a few disadvantages. In addition to its slow process it often requires multiple coats, and leaves brush marks. Spray painting is an alternative that saves time.

Fast Application

Spray painting is without a doubt the fastest way to paint. The application time is drastically quicker than brush painting. Additionally, spray painting usually only requires one coat for complete coverage.

No Brush Marks

Spray painting eliminates unsightly brush marks from the painting surface. Its application lends itself to a desirable smooth finish.

House painting is an intensive process. It is important to find the best method for you. Brush painting gives unmatched coverage and quality. It eliminates waste because the application is even and there is less wasted paint. Brush painting can give great results there are a few drawbacks. It is time and labor intensive, especially since multiple coats are often required. it also can leave brush and roller marks on the finished product.

The alternative to brush painting is spray painting. Spray painting allows for unmatched speed which drastically decreases the time investment. It usually only requires one coat for complete coverage. It gives a smooth clean coat without a brush or roller marks. Quality is an issue with spray paint. Spray painting often results in uneven coats. Some spots are too thick and others too thin. It also leads to a greater amount of wasted paint.

Spray Painting House vs Brush Painting
Each situation may require a different method. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Research each method and discover which method is the best for you.

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